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About The Artist

Mind's Eye Collective is a female-owned and operated business by artist Analise Austin. Analise was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and has lived nomadically for the last few years in Honolulu, New York and Dublin, Ireland. She currently lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts.


When I look back on my artistic journey I have come back to jewelry over and over. In my memory of childhood, those most shiny are of the hours left to my devices in a family friend’s jewelry studio, surrounded by metal bits, wire, beads, and anything I could engineer to swing from an earring hook. I have always gravitated to jewelry design because the metal seems so impenetrable and hard to manipulate, so permanent, yet when you are on the other side of the veil, metal can be soft, malleable and the techniques and tools so surprising. I love that jewelry is both personal and public, we choose statements and then also habitual talismans for luck or memorial or superstition. I like the personal mythology of wear and also the continual challenge of the craft.

On the other side of the coin, the business component fuels me in a way that makes me feel confident and self-possessed when its going well, and forces me to be assertive and steadfast when its not. My little business has been the single most consistently-thought-of thing in my life (outside of relationships) since I decided to go for it 5 years ago. In my mind, my business represents a commitment to myself and my abilities and to the values I want to live my life under. I love that owning a business is self-driven, but it seems, if you are doing it right, it is community building and connective. I have met so many people and shared so much camaraderie amongst other makers in Boston, which makes my life feel full and the hustle worth it. Ultimately, I do this to be able to cultivate a life and community of creativity and support and intentional consumption, perhaps as a small way to rebel against the ways the current systems operate. 

Mind's Eye Collective

Mind’s Eye Collective is the realm behind my eyes, where the weights of mundanity do not apply, a space that feels like the peachfuzz of a pleasant and familiar dream and the unbounded, possibility of a cloudless sky.

There is so much to explore in the world that blooms around us, and, perhaps even more so, in the universe within us. My inspiration for Mind's Eye comes from the personal mythologies we carry, nature, the conscious and unconscious understanding that flows between all things. Mind's Eye Collective is the vast magic of the mind that allows sight far beyond the capacity of the eye.

Thank you for being here with me!!



If you've received a piece from Mind's Eye Collective, you've probably noticed everything, other than the jewelry of course, was recyclable and plastic-free. I am so thankful you are here and choosing small, eco-minded businesses!

In creating Mind's Eye Collective, I wanted to not only share creative expression but also unfurl the channels that connect us all and move toward a cohesive, sustainable future. I hope that by placing focus on personal connection and earth-minded practices, my little business will join a growing collective working towards global consciousness and synchronicity with the environment we are a part of.

When I create a piece for someone, it has been worked in my own two hands, and my hope is that recipients of these pieces might feel a connection to them, being able to trace my vision, process, and passion and know that what they are receiving is supporting a fellow being as well as a kinder, more sustainable future.