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About The Artist

Mind's Eye Collective is a female-owned and operated business by artist Analise Austin. Analise was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and has lived nomadically for the last few years in Honolulu, New York and Dublin, Ireland. She currently lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts.


Looking back on my exploration in art, it would seem that jewelry design and entrepreneurship had followed me softly, patient yet persistent, since I was very young. In my memory of childhood, those most shiny are of the hours left to my devices in a family friend’s jewelry studio, surrounded by metal bits, wire, beads, and anything I could engineer to swing from an earring hook. An unavoidable sense of alignment fills me as I pursue this path now.

As an human, I feel I exist primarily in my Mind’s Eye and my work is really a just mirror back into that space within. Mind’s Eye Collective is the realm behind my eyes, where the weights of mundanity do not apply, a space that feels like peachfuzz of a pleasant and familiar dream and the unbounded, fantastical possibility of a cloudless sky.

There is so much that we might explore as we observe and connect with the workings of the world that blooms around us, and, perhaps even more so, in the universe which grows within us. My inspiration for Mind's Eye comes from these whisperings of nature, the ethereal power of women and the vast magic of the mind that allows sight far beyond the capacity of the eye. My work is highly informed by the collective exchange, both  conscious and unconscious, that flows between each of us as humans, our spirit and the natural world around us as well as and the personal mythologies we carry within that give our lives meaning. I invite you to join me through my art as I explore the channels that connect us all.