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Mind's Eye Collective is a 2020 Halstead Grant Semi-Finalist!

Many of you may have heard me talking about applying for the 2020 Halstead Grant this past July and my excitement to send in my very first grant application. Well, the hard work paid off because I am very proud to announce Mind's Eye Collective placed as a Semi-Finalist for 2020! 

Applying for this grant was a great experience (which I will share more about in its own blog post soon) and I am so thankful for Halstead putting together such a comprehensive and thoughtful grant package. No matter the outcome, I can genuinely say if you put in the work to answer the questions, it has helped advance your business. I can feel and see the immense growth that has occurred in me just since completing it because of how much their grant asked me to dig and stretch, and my business and I are better for it. 

Congratulations to the other semi-finalists, finalist and the winner!

I am so excited to take what I learned this year and apply it--and for next years applications to open so I can aim for that top spot! Thank you again to all the people who lent their ears, eyes and support to me during the process and to everyone at Halstead who put together this wonderful opportunity for new designers and small business!